Khloe Kardashian may have hairstylists at her fingertips to make her look like she just stepped off the beach with perfect, long waves. Well, you also have a celeb stylist right here at HollywoodLife to give an easy to follow, step-by-step hair tutorial to help you get those beachy waves, just in time for summer! NYC-based stylist Kieran McKenna, who has worked with Kate HudsonRebecca Romijn and more, has mastered this carefree summer look and give you all the info you need to recreate this hair trend!

“Recreating beachy waves without going to the beach is a lot easier than it sounds. The key? Make sure your curls don’t look too perfect — you want to look like you’ve been swimming in the ocean all day,” Kieran says. “Summer is a more relaxed time of year, less clothing, less makeup because you have more color. Beachy waves are perfect for this time of year.  It replicates that sexy, relaxed beach look, giving you that perfect synergy between your hair, clothes, and makeup.  And best of all it looks good on everyone!” Ok, so how do we do it?!

“Separate a two-thirds section of hair and clip it up and out of the way, leaving the bottom third portion of your hair down,” Kieran explains. Before you put heat to your hair, the stylist recommends using the Oribe Balm D’Or ($45)hair protectant, a cream, which will help nourish your hair. Then, it’s time to start curling with a 1 or 2-inch wand! “Take a 1 or 2 inch sections of hair and wrap it around the wand, leaving the ends uncurled. After leaving your hair on the wand for a few seconds, release the section of hair and immediately tug on the end of the curl to loosen it to the desired wave to prevent super-tight curls and give off that relaxed beach look,” Kieran instructs. “Re-section your hair, ear to ear across the top of your head, dropping the back over your already waved hair. Continue to curl your hair in the same size sections, but alternate curling the sections in different directions — toward your face, away from your face — to create a messier texture, making your waves look more organic.”

“Leave the front pieces for last. Curl the face framing sections of hair away from your face for a more flattering wave,” Kieran explains. “Beachy waves need a little texture to achieve, so use Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray ($46)and spray your roots and strands to finish the look, and then break up your curls with your fingers to tousle your waves.” He warns not to use a brush or comb to avoid frizz and pulling out your curls! If you want to recreate this look, but don’t want to do it yourself, you can visit Kieran, yourself, at his NYC salon!

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