June 5th, 2018. Read the full article by Tabitha Britt here.

A few excerpts:

"(...) The easiest, lowest maintenance hairstyle for a women over 50 is a short, textured style,” McKenna adds. “This is wash and wear. Towel dry and muss the hair up with a good quality texture paste or molding wax. Fiber Groom elastic texture paste from Oribe ($40, Amazon) is ideal for breaking the hair up and giving your short ‘Parisian’ look the perfect balance of separation, gloss, and texture.”

"(...) keep short hair soft, so it maintains a more feminine feel. If the lines are too strong, it can look too hard and masculine."

"(...) Women over 50 should embrace their grey only if it is a complimentary shade of grey or silver. As you age, your skin tone becomes more ‘ashy’ and grey hair can exacerbate that ashiness and be aging. If that is the case, you can color your hair with a blonde semi-permanent color gloss. This will not change the darker hair color, only make it glossier. It will, however, give a light tint to the grey and make it warmer, giving your hair a highlighted feel and a warmer, more complimentary tone. This is a non-committal approach to color, as over time it fades back to your natural color and is far more gentle on the hair than permanent color. This avoids you having to go to the salon to get your ‘skunk stripe’ regrowth covered every month."

Photo: Helen Mirren, Getty Images (via Woman's World)

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