INTERVIEW: Celebrity Hair Stylist, Kieran McKenna’s Upper East Side Salon Now Offers House Calls In The Hamptons

Opened in 2017 on Manhattan's Upper East Side, the Kieran McKenna Salon goes to extraordinary lengths to provide clients with a curated, bespoke experience. Over the past three years, the salon has attracted notable clients of all ages including A-list celebrities, business executives, politicians, and more. Notable clients include Kate Moss, James Van Der Beek, Kate Hudson, Sarah Jessica Parker, Nikki Haley, Sarah Ferguson (Duchess of York), Mick Jagger, David Bowie, Diane Sawyer, and many others.

The salon recently begun its new house call program, Salon2Go, for those unable to visit the salon during these trying times. The program allows clients a chance to decompress and recharge, while having their hair expertly done in the safety of their own homes. Services cover the Hamptons, all boroughs of New York City, Long Island, and parts of NY, NJ, and CT.

Health precautions are fully observed for clients throughout the hair services with the provision of a sanitized shampoo basin, towels, and chair along with all products required for haircutting, styling, color/highlights, and keratin treatments. The entire salon staff is tested for COVID-19 bi-weekly, with temperatures taken daily to ensure client and staff safety. The staff is equipped with pertinent PPE and rigorously follow recommended safety guidelines. In turn, they request the same precautions from their clients.

Clients can choose from the salon's powerhouse of professionals including Artistic Director Beth Minardi, Color Director Doug Macintosh, Creative Director Gregory Purcell, Stylist & Keratin Treatment Expert Sherdon Lavan and more, each with their own teams of talented colorists, stylists, and assistants. The Kieran McKenna Salon has provided haircutting, styling, and color services for luxury fashion and award shows including Christian Dior, Gucci, Prada, Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein, DKNY, the VH1 Awards, and more. Its magazine and editorial credits include Harper's Bazaar, Allure, InStyle, Forbes, Glamour, Martha Stewart, and many more.

I spoke to Kieran McKenna, the founder and head stylist of Kieran McKenna Salon, to learn more about the inspiration, goals, and future of this new traveling hair program in the East End.

It's amazing how you evolved your business in the ever changing landscape of the service industry. What was the inspiration behind Salon2Go?

KM: Salon2Go started when I realized we had clients who are immune-compromised and were fearful of leaving their houses or going out for anything right now. I greatly care about our clients and community so I reached out to them offering to do their hair at their houses on the deck or roof of their buildings with all the appropriate PPE. We soon had many clients reaching out who were in the Hamptons, Westchester County, and Connecticut so I decided to extend the services to everyone. If a client can't come to us, we will come to them. We are in a creative industry but also a service industry so what better service is there then traveling to our clients.

Why did you choose the Hamptons for this new service?

KM: Since COVID-19 began, a lot of our clients have left the city to go to their family houses, second homes, or rent primarily in the Hamptons. However, we try not to focus on just one area and to be fair to all of our clients, no matter who or where they're located in the Tri-State area. Salon2Go is currently only available for booking on Sundays and Mondays. Our Salon Manager is amazing with setting up the schedule with no conflicts.

Why do you think your salon is so beloved by those in NYC and the Hamptons? What differentiates you from the competition?

KM: Our dedication to offering high quality services in a safe, clean, and welcoming environment. The entire team is tested bi-weekly and their temperatures are taken daily to make sure that everyone is safe. In this day and age with what's going on in the world, it's important for us to be flexible, convenient, and take all of the steps to ensure our clients feel very comfortable and satisfied with our services both in the salon and now at their homes with Salon2Go.

How many hairstylists are available to travel at once? Who are they?

KM: It's usually no more than four people consisting of a stylist, colorist, keratin person, and an assistant if necessary. Just depends on the scope of services that our clients need like doing an entire family's hair in one day. Clients can select from anyone on our team including myself and our Artistic Director Beth Minardi, Color Director Doug Macintosh, Creative Director Gregory Purcell, and Stylist and Keratin Treatment Expert Sherdon Lavan.

How long will these Salon2Go services be available?

KM: It will go on as long as our clients need it. If the demand is there, we intend on providing it. The world has changed rapidly, basically overnight, so it makes sense for the hair industry to follow suit and embrace the new normal. The response has been amazing so far. Our clients are thrilled and grateful that we can travel to them and we feel the same way. It's a two-way street. At the end of the day, we make our clients feel better about themselves, because if you look better, you feel better.

Appointments can be booked online at or via phone at 917-254-4454. Kieran McKenna Salon is located on 1100 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10028.

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